MindMincer MIND
The scifi puzzle game
THINK and experience the satisfaction of cracking challenging puzzles.
LEARN digital logic through self driven exploration and discovery.
BUILD a functional computing machine from scratch.

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Experience a passionately currated journey of discovery through the layers of ideas that makes up a computer. No prior knowledge of computing is necessary.
Puzzles are meaningful when they make you wiser and let you discover the world from a different angle. I had that experience when learning about the layers of abstraction in the computer. A few concepts left me mindblown and I want to convey this expereince to you.
Good level design means removing tedious busywork and leaving you with the interesting parts. It also means framing questions and setting the stage to guide discovery. Perhaps Newton was thinking of the orbit of planets when the apple dropped and he in that moment realized the universality of gravity.
The puzzles take place in a lighthearted scifi universe, where you are abducted by aliens. The story starts when the aliens are carrying out experiments on you to determine if humans are the predominant intelligent species of earth. But soon the story takes an unexpected turn...
I have created a demo of this game with 16 levels for game testing and as a proof of concept. I am happy with the result so far, although much is still left to be done.

The next step in this journey will be my upcoming Kickstarter.
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